Termite Treatment

The termite is the most common and costly wood-destroying ,best resource for Termite control Chennai supplies for residential and commercial Pest Control ,Our termite treatment plan starts with a thorough inspection, completed by one of our trained technicians. Most are the subterranean type and feed exclusively on wood and wood products. They are found in every state and are responsible for 95% of termite-related damage. Each year thousands of homes require treatment for the control of these pest. Damage will also occur to utility poles and other wooden structures. Typical signs of infestation include the mud tubes they construct to move from the soil to the wood and swarming of winged adults in the spring and fall. Darkening or blistering of wooden structures is another indication of an infestation; wood in damaged areas is extremely soft and easily punctured with a screwdriver. Termites are small (1/4 – 1/2 inch long), creamy white, tan, or black insects; wingless or winged.

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