Rat control in house

Many of the methods and materials used to rat control chennai can affect pets as well.Rats usually begin searching for food shortly after sunset. If the food is in an exposed area and too large to be eaten quickly, but not too large to be moved, they will usually carry it to a hiding place before eating it. Wild rats live off man and give nothing beneficial in return. Rats spread disease, damage structures and contaminate food and feed.

You need to think carefully about how you are going to deal with these rats. Using rat poison within the home or underneath the home can be problematic. If a rat dies in an inaccessible area, the smell of the rotting rat carcass will be horrendous, so beware.Your best options are, live catch rat traps, break back rat traps, sticky glue rat traps (last resort) and of course rat poison. The most certain method is to use rat poison but you do carry a severe risk of there being odour and fly problems at a later date.

There are numerous live catch rat traps on the market, we have found people have varying success depending on how carefully they set the traps and how clever their rat is at avoiding being caught! Good baits are, bacon, chocolate, nuts (particularly peanuts in their shells), siliconed to the rat trap treadle plate. Peanut butter is good on break back rat traps, sometimes called rat snap traps. Apple, tomato and potato are also often used with success against rats.

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