Wood Borer Treatment

  • Pest Control in Chennai offer highly effective House Wood Borers Treatment to keep your furniture safe from these dangerous wood borers.
  • Powder Post Beetle is commonly called the wood borer.
  • If there is continues fall of powder in wooden cupboards and drawers everyday even after cleaning, it destroy the existence of borer.
  • They are highly destructive and are capable of reducing your precious wood into dust.
  • These wood borers are dark brown and black in colour, they lay eggs in cracks and pores in wood.
  • The egg hatch to become larva, then pupa and finally the adult.
  • The larva starts eating voraciously on wood thereby making tunnels inside wood.
  • The powder or dust falling from the holes in the wood is the excreta of the borers and undigested cellulose of wood.
  • The adults finally emerge by making tiny pin size holes. The life cycle of woodborers is about one year.