Safety Precautions when using insecticides:

  • Use only an authorized Pest Control Chennai operator.
  • Acquire the full chemical name of the pesticide to be used – in case of a crisis; this will assist with first aid.
  • Check food, clothes, toys, toothbrushes, bedding material, towels, vegetable gardens, barbecues, pet bowls, fish ponds, clotheslines and cooking utensils are covered or abstracted from the area to be treated.
  • Displace pets during treatment until the pesticide is dry.
  • Ensure that all doors and windows are closed if the pesticide is to be applied out-of-door.
  • Quit the premises while the pesticide is blended and applied, and until the pesticide is dry. Three to four hours is generally suggested. However, your pest control Chennai operator will recommend the appropriate time, based on the specific treatment used.
  • Ensure that all bench tops and kitchen utensils are thoroughly cleansed before any food is precooked. Ventilate the house, by opening all doors and windows, for a few hours when you return if the pesticide has been applied indoors.
  • Advise your neighbors beforehand of any external pesticide treatments.