Household Chemicals

Take care when disposing of household dangerous waste.

  • Be conscious that many chemicals frequently used around the household are toxic. Select less-toxic substitutes. Use non-toxic alternatives everywhere probable.
  • Purchase chemicals only in the quantity you anticipate to use, and apply them only as instructed. More is not healthier.
  • Take undesirable household chemicals to hazardous-waste assemblage centers; do not pour them down the gutter. Pouring chemicals down the drain could upset your putrefying system or pollute treatment plant slurry.
  • Never pour undesirable chemicals on the earth. Soil cannot sanitize most chemicals, and they could ultimately pollute runoff.
  • Use low-phosphate or phosphate-free cleaners.
  • Use water-based goods whenever probable.
  • Surplus household pesticides do not extensively shower pesticides, either indoors or outdoors, where a pest problem has not been acknowledged. Dispose of additional pesticides at hazardous-waste gathering centers.