Home remedies to keep your garden free from pests:

  • Soak turmeric powder in a water for over 12 hrs and keep this in a spray bottle and then spray on plants and base of the plants .This will helps your plants to free from ants and other insects.
  • For bugs you can go for ,mix 3 green peppers,2 jalepeno peppers ans 6 tbspn of baby shampoo,blend all this and mixed with water.use this in spray bottle this will get your plants rid out from bugs.
  • To get rid from flies,take red chillies,skin of onions 5 nos,garlic 2 nos.Add water to this and boil this for about 10 mins and then make it cool take this in spray bottle and spray over your plants.
  • Use dish washing detergents,add with water and spray this on plants all insects are gone away.
  • To keep fungus away from plants ,use strong camomile tea this contains naturally sulplur in to it.
  • Mix liquid dish soap with water and spray directly on plants ,soap does not hurt plants but this will help you to get rid from aphid.For caterpillars and spider mites use more soap quantity in water andd spray it.
  • Baking soda will helps you from weeds .Just sprinkle this on plants.
  • Use laundary detergent ,just sprinkle this on grass ,this will keep your garden away from mosquitoes.Remember use this after rain.
  • Use liquified casting with water and spray on plants to get rid from aphids,scales ,white fly and mites.