Wood Borer Control

we have a tendency to are capable of providing our purchasers with powder post betles service like wood preservative treatment, wood preservative solutions and wood borer management services whereby we have a tendency to guarantee the elimination of wood-borers through effective chemical treatment. we have a tendency to undertake single treatment similarly as annual maintenance [...]

Control of House Rats:

They additionally infest offices, shops, go downs etc. Basically, they live inside. Rats area unit terribly suspicious. that’s why they can not be simply controlled by simply putt any poison offered within the market. not with standing some rats eat the poison and die, the remaining learn a lesson and keep one’s eyes off from [...]


In opposition to roaches, lizards, houseflies, and so forth. The process is made up Basic application and residual squirt, to stop brand-completely innovative infestation. We consider once-a-year agreement this agreement our duty is always to maintain your office space off from any type of unwanted infestations over summer and winter with reasonable charges.Herbal and also [...]

Control of Bed Bugs, Red Ants, Wall Lizards Etc:

The same pesticide spray used against cockroaches is effective for the higher than insects additionally. In addition to general spray for bed bugs, seams of mattresses area unit specifically treated, since bed bugs largely live and breed there. In case of red ants, besides liquid spray, Associate in Nursing pesticide powder is besprent that is [...]